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Degustation par Jane Anson de Decanter

Château Cantinot, Malbec, Cuvée Collection, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux 2015 93 100% Malbec. Plot selection of Malbec. Really a rather lovely wine with deep spice and white pepper notes
, juicy and high energy with a driving sense of freshness. One that makes you stop and think. Good stuff
from Yann and Florence Bouscasse. Drink 2020-2034 Alc 13.5%

Château Cantinot, Collection, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux 2015 90 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Carefully extracted with power and
freshness, this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon has a good sense of personality and forward motion
, hard to argue with its intent. Unusual squat bottle shape as with the 100% Malbec Cantinot. Drink 2020-2032 Alc 13.5



The President of the Hong Kong and China Sommeliers Association



Les Tours de Cantinôt 2009/2010 & Château Cantinôt 2009/2010 - May 21th 2016


Paolo Basso, Best Sommelier in the world 2013

Château Cantinot –- Paolo Basso's visit – february 1st 2016

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Paolo Basso, meilleur sommelier du monde 2013


Château Cantinot 2013 (still in the vat)
Balsamic notes, liquorice, green pepper, a lovely smoky hint in the nose. Excellent first taste, warm and quite rich, with a fairly slender development towards a mid-palate in which the alcohol is present. Quite savoury with yet a good density. Firm tannins, well-integrated in the material of the wine. Averagely intense aftertaste with character due to the alcohol (13.5% vol) and the tannins.

Château Cantinot 2014
We smell notes of leather, morello cherries, mild spices with a balsamic touch. Beautiful dense and savoury palate, rich and compact with firm and lively tannins. Quite long-lasting aftertaste with an intense and persistent retro-olfaction. This wine combines drinkability, quality and pleasure.

Les Tours de Cantinot 2010
Beautiful complexity of the nose that demands a good aeration to open up. Balsamic notes, eucalyptus, leather, mild spices, very ripe morello cherries. Lovely dense palate, rich, well-structured, savoury, with a well-extracted mid-palate and dense, fine, compact tannins with a good astringency. Persistent, very expressive and savoury aftertaste. Paolo says: “much superior to the others”.

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Land, sea, and wines of character


As a lineage of entrepreneurs, the family Bouscasse has totally invested itself in the estate in the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation. Each one knows which role to play and is staged with very fine touch by Florence and Yann. The latter are very attentive and demanding parents, as much for the wines of the chateau as for their children's commitment.

Since the 19th century, through the creation of a eau-de-vie trade company then of a fleet of boats transporting wines over the seas worldwide, the entrepreneurial family spirit shows that Yann is the true descendant on the maritime part. On the land part, Florence is from a family of merchants well-established in the Bordeaux region. In 2002, with their children, they both decided to buy Château Cantinot, superb mansion house surrounded by a vineyard all in one piece. On this soil of gravel, sand, clay and chalk, the Merlot sometimes roots in the seams of blue clay, and grows close to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The estuary is nearby, the terroir is present. By dint of hard work, pugnacity, investments—often by self-financing—the estate increases its surface area, the winery adapts to a very demanding and well-controlled vinification and ageing process. Stemming from a more advanced plot selection, les Tours de Cantinot will complete the range. Then the vineyard of the Château Haut Boutet, little brother with a more impetuous style, and since January 2010, the Château Capon with its pleasurable wine, are included in the thirty hectares that their son Nicolas, who started is career at the Château La Tour Carnet, vinifies and matures. Being conscious he can only make wines in osmosis with the terroir as it presents itself, he continuously paces up and down the vineyard, following his father's steps, to better comprehend and transcend the richness and substance it can offer. Vinification is operated in tronconic vats, in tuns, in barrels of non-Bordeaux size.

Olivier Dauga, oenologist and consultant known as the “Wine Tailor”, loves tradition,  terroir, and has deep respect for what the nature has to offer in order to bring out wonderful potions in the bottles. An external view committed in the spirit of the wines of Cantinot. His advices enabled Florence and Yann, still prompted by their entrepreneurship willpower, to give birth to the last of the range ... 'Orbite' (with an English pronunciation). It is THE very 'confidential' production par excellence, stemming from an outstanding vinification: whole bunches are poured in 710-liter microvinificators on rotary jacks (prototype has a value of €3,500) and will be matured in 300-liter barrels afterwards.“The wine has a lot of body, elegance, fruitiness, colour and a wide aromatic palet, its powerfulness has to be mastered. The 2009 is made of 50% Merlot and 50% Malbec. The 2010 is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. We expect to create an exceptional wine.” Florence explains.

“Orbite distinguishes itself by its blending, different for each vintage. It thus is a wine  of a class of its own, with a long finish, perfectly silky. Truly the cuvee for the most demanding palates...” Yann comments (the first vintage, the 2009, will be released at the end of 2011).
The fact that young siblings are involved in the running of an estate, especially in times of crisis in the vineyards, is rare enough to be underlined: Tristan is in charge of the trade part and travels the length and breadth of United States, Asia, Northern Europe (except Belgium where numerous other Bordeaux wines are very present) and soon Australia. Sophie finishes studying and will manage the future bed and breakfast (7 rooms) as well as the special event organization of the domain. As for Alexis, he chose to become a history and geography teacher, but even with a remote implication, he indirectly participates in the estate... What a beautiful cohesion than those two generations who strive on the same land! “For us nothing is systematic, whether it is in the vineyard, or in the winery, or for the collegiate decisions.”Florence confirms.
Story of respect, story of a family, for the continuity of a great adventure on the lands of Blaye swept by sea spray from the Gironde estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.

Florence Varaine




"More than 10 years ago, Florence and Yann Bouscasse left the Parisian region and a well-organized life to commit themselves body and soul in their passion for the earth and wine. They settled for good at Cars in the appellation Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux at Château Cantinot.

Only reminder of their former professional and family life, the wheel, symbol of Mulhouse, arms of the shipping company of Florence's family. As today the Bouscasse family is well-rooted in their terroir. Yann and Florence took two of their children in the adventure: Tristan who is in charge of the development in France and abroad with his father; and Nicolas, the cellar master and vineyard manager.

This professional about-face was a daring challenge. But the Bouscasses kept strength of character and an iron will from their maritime roots. Continuously learning, Yann trained in the vineyard. He granted himself Olivier Dauga's help, the “wine tailor” as he is called, a consultant in vinification who was and still remains of precious support at each vintage.

Yann is a model student and Cantinot's wines are a success. Their ambition is to craft fine Bordeaux wines, but above all grand Cantinots. To succeed, the family takes special care of their 18 hectares of vines in one piece. The vineyard is settled on a clay and limestone terroir whose subsoil comprises a vein of blue clay. An ideal soil to produce fine wines. It is planted with 55% Merlot, 35% Cabernet-Sauvignon, and 10% Cabernet-Franc. The Bouscasses chose the minimum planting density of 4,500 stocks per hectare, keep a natural grasscover between the rows, carefully trellis and thin out the leaves, and carry out a sensible crop harvest, all this to get the ideal yield for sound and top-quality grapes. The harvest undergoes three successive sortings.

The Bouscasses opted for a very precise winemaking technology and develop by-plot vinification. They draw their inspiration from Burgundy and gradually use 300 to 350-litre Burgundy vats instead of Bordeaux barrels as wine better evolves in bigger containers. Cantinot wines release a perfect expression of the fruits thanks to cold maceration of the entire berries.

Since 2009, the family develops a confidential and high end cuvée dedicated to starred restaurants and great hotels: Orbite. The specificity of this cuvée is the micro-vinification of entire bunches in oak barrels during up to twelve months. The wine is then aged in smaller second-used barrels to soften it. The second characteristic of Orbite is that its blend changes at every vintage. Merlot and Malbec in 2009, added with Cabernet Franc in 2010, or 100% Cabernet Sauvignon in 2011. The challenge of this cuvée is at the height of the Bouscasse family's thirst for innovation.

The family's determination and hard work bear fruits. Yann is decidely turned towards the international markets and his production is exported by 60%.

Demanding about quality, Yann and Florence Bouscasse, nevertheless, mother and grow their wines as their own children. Nicolas even says that Cantinot is the latest-born of the family!"

Sylvia van der Velden


Vinexpo Tokyo

Master class /degustation organized by Sommellerie Internationale

Lunch of closing with the Best Sommelier of the World 2016 Jon Arvid Rosengren and others previousBest Sommeliers of the World.


With the Best two world Sommeliers Paolo Basso (2013) and Jon Arvid Rosengren (2016) as well as the chairman of Japan Sommelier Association, this Masterclass was a great sucess !